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For the past 18 years, Millière Raboton’s guides have been taking you out on the river.

All day, everyday , and all year long, from dawn to dusk.

With Millière Raboton, departures on the Loire can take place at any time. All it takes is a phone call to agree on a place and time to meet.

Our trips suit everyone. They are designed to go with the flow of the Loire, no more than twelve persons onboard to respect the rhythm, everyone’s intimate emotion, and the authenticity of what we share.

Except for specific bookings, there is no precise itinerary nor any formatted commentary.


The boats (also called ‘Toues’) have not really changed for centuries. Large rowing boats (10m. long) with a flat base, fitted with a mast and a square sail, they navigate between sandbanks and allow us to approach the Loire islands without difficulty. With twelve passengers maximum onboard, your reception is simple and friendly, thus encouraging a more intimate approach to the river’s nature. Our guides know their environment well enough to improvise, according to opportunities and the sensitivity of their passengers. The itinerary may change depending on interests, seasons and the environment’s preservation. No systematic comments are imposed by our guides. Every trip is an invitation to discoveries and unexpected encounters. The Loire makes all the decisions!

If the flow of the river allows us to, our intervention sector starts in Blois and ends in Chinon.

Usually, departures are from Chaumont Sur Loire (41) and Amboise (37).