Millière Raboton

The “path that walks”. That’s how the ancients called the Loire.

The invitation has been heard by the river’s lovers: this is how the organisation Millière Raboton, was created in 2001, offering people boat trips. Since its creation, they share with their passengers a passion that never fails, all year long, in the soothing or violent lights of our Loire, between Chaumont-sur-Loire and Amboise.

Eight years after its creation, more than 20 000 passengers have tasted the fugitive beauties of the river and of its islands and shores. They come and return to the Loire, connecting again with it, awakening their sleeping senses: memories and imagination.

The favourite song of the Loire’s seaman talk about the pleasure of being on the river every day, to understand it, to lead people on it, but never too many, in order to preserve the place’s magic and its moments. Pleasure again to breathe some life into it, life which had been absent for ages .

It’s the discovery of the river’s own rhythm, of its invigorating view, its harmonious, uplifting scenery.

The secret of our enthusiasm to share with others the dream we relive each day stems from our familiarity with this river “flowing within us. “


The organisation: Millière Raboton

The association was officially declared at the Préfecture du Loir et Cher in February 2001, as part of the 1901 Law. Since then, Millière Raboton has initiated an original human adventure, significant in its continuity. The aim was to accompany the renewal of life in and on the Loire – environment discovery, cultural initiatives, learning about the river from its shoreline landowners and visitors… – and to encourage professional integration.

To carry out this mission was a man – of the Loire, naturally – Jean Ley. He brought back to life the noble profession of boatmen, nourishing it with his own passion for the river, his desire to share, his enthusiasm to observe, understand and choose the right words to tell the story … He actually wanted Millière Raboton to be present on the Loire all year long to capture each season’s metamorphoses.

From simple boat trips to bivouacs, Jean had long been the only conductor of our activities before we felt the need to develop our team. His successors operate in the same spirit of mind as Jean: get on board Millière Raboton’s boats as a friend and each trip is a unique experience.

The challenge continues: live on this river that also “flows” in our veins and, from now on, salute Jean through the waters.