The boats

We have 7 boats, each with a capacity of 12 passengers maximum (excluding the guide/pilot).

Departures from: Chaumont-sur-Loire throughout the year, Amboise from May to September

We take note of individual requests as they come and plan our trips when we have a minimum of 5 participants. Below is a list of the different trips we offer, excluding private parties and bivouacs.

Individual trips

The Day Discovery lasts 1h30
Adult 20€ – Child 12€
Departures depend on weather conditions but start generally at 10.30am, 2.30pm or 4.30m.
Trips can only be planned once there are 5 passengers minimum.

The Picnic for Lunch on an Island, 2h30
Adult 34€ – Child 16€
Departure at 11.30am
Participants are invited to bring their own picnic.
5 passengers minimum.

The Dawn or Dusk Trip, 2h30 at sunrise or sunset
Adult 36€, Child 16€
Morning departure ½ an hour before sunrise, evening departures 1h30 before sunset (participants are invited to bring their picnic if they want to)
5 passengers minimum

The Evening Trip, same as aboce but while taking our time, 3h30
Adult 48€ – Child 22€
Departure 2h30 before sunset
(participants are invited to bring their picnic if they want to)

5 passagers minimum

From afternoon to nightfall, 7h trip
Adult 105€ – Child 65€
Picnic material provided. Departure 6h before sunset
6 passengers minimum

A Day on the Loire, 10h trip from 9am to 7pm
Adult 105€ – Child 65€
Participants are invited to bring their own picnic
6 passengers minimum

The Accompanied Bivouac lasts approximately 24h.
Adult from 175€ all included – Child 130€
Departures on the Loire from 2pm, coming back the day after, early afternoon (8 to 10 participants maximum). All throughout the trip, our guides will do their best to ensure that everyone’s personal appreciation is respected and will offer anyone who wishes so, the clues to understand the environment.
It is often the participant’s interactions and remarks that make this trip such a unique experience.

Equipment and supplies provided.

The Independant Bivouac
From 100€ / Equipment and supplies not provided

Private trips

Boat(s) with pilot/guide can be made available. Every boat has a capacity of 12 passengers. Place, time of departure and length of the trip at your convenience (according to availability and feasibility).

120€ per hour per boat (2h minimum). 30% extra before 9am and after 7pm. Transfer of the empty boats if need be 65€ per hour: on the way down the river 10km/h, on the way up 6km/h.

Some advice

Casual wear must be adapted to the weather conditions. Sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat in case of sunny weather, windcheater, waterproof clothes and even an umbrella if the forecast is for rain. Warm clothes for the Dusk or Dawn trips. Eventually, some of you may need some mosquito repellent for sensitive skins. Binoculars recommended.

All the trips are subject to the weather and sailing conditions which only our experimented guides and pilots can judge.